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Saint Peter Mosaic Art Gallery - The Project

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Saint Peter Mosaic Art Gallery offers a unique and diverse experience in the world of mosaic art. Specializing in creating works of sacred art, panoramas and portraits, the gallery aims to preserve and reinterpret the millennia-old tradition of mosaic art within a contemporary context.

Key Activities

Sacred Art
The gallery presents a collection of mosaics inspired by religious and sacred themes, blending artistic mastery with spirituality. These works may include depictions of saints, biblical scenes, and religious symbols.

Panoramas and Portraits
The extensive range of artworks includes mosaics capturing the beauty of Rome’s urban landscapes, as well as detailed portraits of historical or contemporary figures. These mosaics combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary creativity.

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Saint Peter Mosaic Art Gallery - The Project

Top quality materials

Exquisite Marble Varieties: The Essence of Our Mosaic Craft the Heart of Rome

The presence of two strategically located venues in the renowned St. Peter’s Square and Piazza della Minerva, in the city centre of Rome, contributes to making the gallery’s artistic creations accessible and visible to a broad audience, emphasizing the connection between tradition and innovation in the world of mosaics.

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Piazza San Pietro, Rome
Piazza San Pietro
Piazza della Minerva, Rome
Piazza della Minerva

Specially crafted mosaics

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Send us an image that our artists could use to create unique mosaic representation of it,
based on multiple colors and marble tiles.


Our mosaics



Sacred mosaics: Timeless artistry, blending devotion and craftsmanship, illuminate spiritual narratives in vibrant tesserae.

mosaic-art-gallery-modern art mosaic

Modern art

Mosaic masterpieces mimic renowned paintings: Every tessera breathes life into iconic art, crafting timeless replicas with intricate detail.



Wildlife wonders in mosaic: Each tessera depicts the essence of nature's beauty, bringing animals to life with vibrant and intricate artistry.

mosaic-art-gallery-Charlie Chaplin mosaic


Captivating celebrity portraits in mosaic: Each tessera intricately weaves fame and artistry, immortalizing iconic figures with timeless allure.



Roman history unfolds in mosaic tales: Each tessera preserves ancient glory, weaving vibrant narratives of Rome's storied past.



Roman marvels in mosaic: Capturing the grandeur of iconic landmarks, our tesserae tell the tales of Rome's timeless beauty.

Get your own

Customized portrait!

Send us an image that our artists could use to create unique mosaic representation of it,
based on multiple colors and marble tiles.

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