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Mosaic art gallery in Rome

Mosaics talking
to the SouL

Mosaic art gallery in Rome

Rome's Emotional Palette

Mosaics Talking
to the Soul

Mosaic art gallery in Rome

Welcome to Mosaic Art Gallery in Rome, where artistry meets ancient craftsmanship in a harmonious dance of colors and shapes, showcasing the enduring beauty of Made in Italy mosaic art.

Capturing eternity

The Mosaic Art Gallery Project

A modern project showcasing innovation and tradition in mosaic craft.  See all...

Immersive experience


The Mosaic Art Gallery in Rome invites you to explore a meticulously curated collection, showcasing sacred and secular images through fine mosaics. See all...


About mosaic

Explore history, crafting techniques and significance of mosaic art. See all...

Skilled Artisans

Master Mosaicist

Meet Nunzio Monticelli Cuggiò and delve into the craft of mosaic mastery. See all...


Portraits and Custom Mosaic

Transform your vision into a personalized mosaic masterpiece. See all...


Emotional mosaics

Explore a kaleidoscope of themes, from religious, to or our wonderful city panoramas and moniments, to nature-inspired patterns. Each mosaic on display is a labor of love, a fusion of tradition and innovation that transforms precious materials into emotional masterpieces.


Sacred mosaics: Timeless artistry, blending devotion and craftsmanship, illuminate spiritual narratives in vibrant tesserae.

Modern art

Mosaic masterpieces mimic renowned paintings: Every tessera breathes life into iconic art, crafting timeless replicas with intricate detail.


Wildlife wonders in mosaic: Each tessera depicts the essence of nature's beauty, bringing animals to life with vibrant and intricate artistry.

Charlie Chaplin mosaic - Mosaic Art Gallery Rome


Captivating celebrity portraits in mosaic: Each tessera intricately weaves fame and artistry, immortalizing iconic figures with timeless allure.


Roman history unfolds in mosaic tales: Each tessera preserves ancient glory, weaving vibrant narratives of Rome's storied past.


Roman marvels in mosaic: Capturing the grandeur of iconic landmarks, our tesserae tell the tales of Rome's timeless beauty.

Capturing Rome's Essence: Images of Timeless Beauty

Details from the Holy City

New Collection


 See our newest collection – 'Portrait' – within our online mosaic art catalog. Discover a menagerie of meticulously crafted mosaics, emotional and timeless, each one telling a unique personality of famous public people... See all

Customized Portraits

The gallery offers personalized services for creating mosaic portraits upon request. Clients can request customized portraits of family members, friends, or significant figures, and the gallery is committed to crafting unique and tailor-made pieces.

International Shipping

The gallery not only serves the local audience but also provides the option to ship mosaic artworks worldwide. This expands the reach of mosaic art, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to enjoy these works of art anywhere in the world.

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